New Places

Posted on February 21, 2011
"I'm an adaptable nomad. My roots are inside of me."
~ julie delpy

I think everyone, in some capacity, enjoys exploring a new place. For example I've visited France and Japan, and of course loved every minute of it. Even sitting in a hotel room in a new place can make a person bristle with excitement. Not everyone, however, can fully enjoy separating themselves from what is comfortable and familiar while striking out into a new place. Many people, I think, would like to remain somehow tethered to the old places while exploring the new. While I can understand that feeling, it's just not for me.

I can become extremely stagnant and uncomfortable when I have been in one place for too long. When I am in a new place (but know I'm going back to the old place) I feel like I can't completely, 100%, enjoy myself and relax. The idea that "this is going to end soon" is always gnawing around in the back of my mind. Now, moving to a new place, that's different. The mere prospect is like a ball of fire in your chest (warm, stimulating, exciting), and if you stay in one place too long it cools and hardens, and then sits there like a lump weighing you down. I know I'm not alone on this.

I've lived in several places in the United States. In my adult life, the notable places are: Michigan (where I grew up), Tennessee (only for two years), and California. Each of these three places have been wildly different, and sufficiently stroked my predilection for that ball of fire associated with "moving on" and "starting fresh." Along with being satiating and building me up, each place also wore me down in different ways, each with varying degrees of coarseness. In that respect, moving around a lot can "polish" a person.

With that, I have to say, my nomadic urges are spurring me on once again. I'd love to live in a new place. Some way or another, Seattle ended up in my crosshairs. Ever since getting the idea of Seattle in my head, any mention of the name sets my heart aflutter. Any pictures or articles about the place inspire a vague arousal. Hahaha… yea, weird huh? So that's what's in my head, it's kind of like a crush, sort of an… "Ok wow… this is enticing, but geez, I like, barely know anything about this Seattle… what if it doesn't like me?"

Haha… right?

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